Clutterfree Circle Offers

Clutterfree brings together technology and local expertise for a smooth experience in real state.

Market Analysis

Assessing local market conditions, including property prices, demand, and supply, to help clients make informed decisions.

Property Selection

Assisting clients in finding properties that meet their specific needs and requirements, such as location, budget, and lifestyle preferences.


- Understand the legal aspects of any property before you invest 

- Our financial experts will find for you the best home loan product

Portfolio Management

- Setting investment goals

- Asset allocation

- Diversification

- Property selection

- Monitoring and rebalancing

End-to-End Real Estate Platform

    • Buying | Selling | Renting
    • Real Estate Investment and Fund Raising 
    • Legal due diligence / paper work / liaison
    • Home Loans 
    • Bespoke Interior Design
    • Ultra HNI Property Audit / Management (25 crore min property value)

Benefits of dealing with Clutterfree

    • A high quality and professional team working towards your real estate goal
    • A robust sales and feedback tracking mechanism
    • Ability to do multiple activities and increase reach
    • Single point of contact for effective communication
    • Transparent process